sun + run = tired

Both Kiva and I suffered a little today on our run.  I'm not complaining that the weather was absolutely amazing, but it was not ideal for running with a black dog (or in black pants) at 1pm.  

Today was also the first time that I've run up any hills in a loooong time.  Guess I should get used to that if I am going to tackle Lost Lake again this year.  

Here's what you get when you have (way too much) black fur and run in the sun for 45 minutes:

Photo Apr 25, 23 24 03
At least she was well behaved all afternoon!

And here's my delicious after running smoothie!

Photo Apr 25, 23 26 20
1 banana, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, almond milk, a large spoonful of PB (or almond butter) and half a scoop of Chocolate Shakeology.  Delicious!  Lately I've been using Blue Diamond's new almond coconut milk and my Wild Squirrel Nut Butter's chocolate coconut PB, let me just say it's an amazing combination.  At one point I told John I was going to quit eating real food and just drink that smoothie.  

Tomorrow is a long run day.  Hopefully I'll either get it out of the way early (not likely) or be motivated enough to do it in the evening.  

Also, because I know you can't get enough of my ridiculously adorable (and ridiculous) dog, here's a picture of her I know I'm not supposed to be here, but if I lay still and look cute, maybe no one will notice pose.

Photo Apr 25, 15 48 31