I'm no computer fact, computer programming is the only class I have ever failed in my entire life (I did not officially fail thanks to my computer programming genius friend who saved my ass and got me a few extra points).  That being said, it is amazing that any of this blog actually works properly given how little sense the behind the scenes coding, etc. makes to me.

No seriously.  Every so often I'll ask John a random question about programming and he spouts off some answer or takes one look at it and fixes it.  He's not a coding genius either, he just dabbles in it...for fun.  I simply cannot wrap my brain around any of it.  

Ok, I'll get to the point already!  See that little gray button under my banner that says {subscribe}?  Well, I'm not sure that it ever worked properly...but now I'm almost 100% sure it does (if it doesn't please let me know).  If you read 10,000 blogs like I do and don't like remembering which ones you've visited each day and use google reader (like I do), you can now have all of my very pertinent and fascinating ramblings delivered to your desktop as the happen.  Exciting, I know.  

Thanks for sharing my (small) technological triumph and being excited with me (because I know you are)!