stuff & things - july 18-24

I'm not gonna lie...I spend a lot of time perusing the internets...and I find a lot of stuff.  I thought I would share some of the things I stumbled across this week.Although I am not vegan, I love this website. Lots of simple, cheap recipes presented in a fun and easy to read way!

{photo credit:  theveganstoner}

  This is definitely not something that everyone will appreciate...but if you were old enough to appreciate music in the late 80s/early will appreciate it.

{photo credit: @hydro74 via twitter}

  Spineless Classics posters are the full text of a book printed on one page. You can even read them (if you get close enough)


This is a project that I'm going to start on this week.  I have a binder full of recipes, but I've been looking for a better way to keep our meal plan and recipes for the week better organized (and make it so I'm not the only one that knows where the recipe is...) and I think this is just the solution!

{photo credit: Menu Organization from "Our Life Accounts"}