stuff, things, and defending my people

It's been a busy couple of days for me...and yet I have absolutely nothing to show for it.  Somewhere I got it in my head that I wanted a website.  I have a second blog for my etsy shop and, although they are both through WordPress, I don't like that they are in their own separate corners of the internet.  After many hours of researching and pondering and lusting after other people's websites...I have this. The first problem was, what do I use as a domain name?  I thought about using my first and last name...but my last name isn't the easiest thing to spell...and what if I got married and changed my name...that would be just plain confusing.  My friend Brittany used to have an email address with her last she's married and still uses that email address (I'm pretty sure she's had it for 10 or so years) and people think it's a strange and meaningless email address.  True story.Anyway, I settled on using my first and middle name...because those are highly unlikely to change.  My next problem is I have website envy (thank you to The Pioneer Woman for that) and nothing I can do to my website will ever make it compare to the ideal that I have in my head.  Don't worry, I have that problem in other areas of my life, but I've learned to live with widespread mediocrity.  I know that she paid someone else to design her website (I looked...and that someone else charges $4000), but I'm cheap and I figured I can do just as good for no money.  Cue the multi-talented boyfriend who somewhere along the way learned CSS programming...yeah, he's a keeper (his other talents include fixing chair lifts, dog whispering, and endless patience).  I'm not sure that he has officially agreed to help me...but I'm sure if I bake him a lot of cookies I might be able to convince him that he wants to help me.  Especially since I'm sure he has nothing better to do after I go to work at night. Anyway, stay tuned for further updates (it might take several years...but don't worry, it will happen). So, I have this friend who has a friend (she's a she and he's a he and they are currently dating). Anyway, said friend was having a conversation about an arrangement we have with my future children (don't worry...that's not important right now, it's a story for another day).  They got on the subject of me being Jewish (mind you, I am culturally Jewish, not religiously Jewish).  He said that wasn't possible because you can't be born Jewish.  She said you's a culture. He said you can't because "Judaia" doesn't exist anymore (mind you, at the time of this conversation she couldn't remember what he called it so she called it "Jewland").  Anyway, long story short, a religious studies professor once told him that, so he believed it to be true.  He said that if you are born in America than you are American regardless of where your family comes from (although he claims to be of Nordic/Scandinavian heritage...not sure how that works).  He also says that you can't be something if the place your people came from doesn't exist anymore.  So does that mean that no one is anything because places have changed and evolved over time? And, last time I checked, all of "those places" were still there, just with different names.  End rant. In happier news, one of my cousins (from my dad's side of my family) sent me his Flat Stanley for an  Alaskan adventure.  I'm kind of excited about it!