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Whew!  We got home from Vermont on Tuesday afternoon and then I worked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I had Saturday off, and then will be working Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  Then we're going cruising in Mexico! Yay!

While the prize at the end of this endless stretch of working is's still hard to work six out of seven days.  

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On the subject of work...things are changing in that department for me.  I recently accepted a new job at a family practice office as the nurse manager and triage nurse.  It's a relatively small practice (two doctors and a PA at the moment), but I think it will be a great fit for me.  

Why the change?  It was just time.  There was some major drama at my current job, combined with some other realizations that led me to the conclusion that I am just done working in a hospital.  I will miss my co-workers dearly, but I'm looking forward to new things!

I will be working five days a week (which scares me a little bit) from 7:30am until 4pm.  While I think I will initially miss my endless days off, overall I think I will be less tired and be able to actually do something other than work, eat, and sleep on work days.  Working three 12 hour shifts is great, but it is exhausting and hard to get anything else done on work days.

My last day of work at the hospital is November 22, then I'll be off to Chicago with John and my dad to visit my grandma for Thanksgiving.  My new job starts December 1.  

I spent my one day off this week trying to get ahead on school work since it will be difficult to use the internet while on the cruise.  I also managed to work in some work on a new art project that has me super inspired and wanting to just do art all day long.  Too bad that won't pay the bills right now...

I can't believe that October is almost over...but I'm totally ready for November!