spring fever

Kiva has spring fever.

Photo Mar 15, 17 03 52
On my days off, she usually gets a walk and a run.  She goes for a walk with John in the morning, comes home, and runs around like an idiot, growling and mashing toys into our legs like she's been cooped up for weeks. 

Photo Mar 16, 14 55 29
We go running in the afternoons and she repeats the above behavior.  

Right now, she is in the back yard barking her head off.  It doesn't even appear as though she is barking at anything in particular.  She's just running around the back yard barking.  

Then, after a while she will decide she is done being an idiot and get all cuddly and try and crawl into my lap like she's the nicest dog ever.  

Hopefully we will all make it until summer.