speed and hills

What happens when the last two runs you went on were in Hades-like conditions and then you come home to blissful 45 degree temps and less humidity (it was actually quite humid here in the AK today...but it was 45 degrees, so who cares?!)??  You run fast like it's no big deal.

Yesterday was my weekly session with my running coach.  We did the usual warm-up and some drills (high knee type drills and some stuff to get me to relax my arms more)...and then I ran some hills.  Granted it was a small hill, but I can't remember the last time I ran hill repeats.  The goal was to take what we've been focusing on while running on the flat ground (proper form), and apply it to hills.  It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but by the time we were done, I was doing better.  

Then, I ran some 400s on the track.  The goal of the first was to count my steps for 20 seconds at several points throughout my lap.  The second lap I had to see if I could find the same cadence and then when I thought I had it, check myself.  The goal of the last lap was to see if I could find the same pace/cadence without checking, and get timed.  My first lap was 2:14, my second was 2:11, and my third was 2:05.  Yeah, I ran almost a whole mile at ~8:40 pace.  This is huge to me for several reasons, the first being that it didn't feel like I was running that fast (I definitely was pushing myself, but I could have maintained that speed for awhile) and the second being that I don't remember the last time I ran that fast for that long.

Thank goodness for cool weather!  Nevermind that I came home freezing to death and used up all the hot water during my shower since I felt like I would never be warm again (but I never wished that I was in 97 degree weather).