some updates

A few quick updates....

  • Here's my weekly link roundup from my other blog
  • The past few weeks have been jam packed with school (surprise) and work (even more surprise).  Last weekend I ended up forgetting about all the things that I was supposed to do and I went skiing. I needed a break. 
  • This is what happens when you need a break...the dog gets in your face and tells you it's time to take a break:


  • Look for a training update sometime this weekend.  I'm stilling running! 
  • It's really cold out.  It went from 40+ degrees and sloppy, to below zero. Next week it's supposed to be back to 40+ degrees.  I've given up on winter (for the 200th time this year) and am anxiously awaiting spring. 
  • If anyone has any connections with people who want to precept a nurse practitioner student (pediatrics and primary care) I need HELP! People are surprisingly unwilling to accept students these days. Don't they know I'm the key to their retirement?!?