some stuff and a few things

How is it that three days off went by so quickly?  Oh...right, I slept through most of the first one (as is always the case) and played for the next two.I am still not feeling 100% after being sick a couple of weeks ago.  I have a completely ridiculous cough that seems to be getting better way...too...slowly.  Five days of almost constant coughing is not ok.  However, I'm hoping that it will do wonders for my abs. Tuesday was John's birthday.  For Christmas, his mom got him a free night in the hotel at Alyeska and three free lift tickets (the Costco special), since we are both pretty tired of waiting for it to snow, we decided to go down for his birthday.  We stayed in the hotel Tuesday night, had a delicious dinner at Jack Sprat, watched a movie, and then slept for 10 hours.  We were in no hurry to make first tracks (my inside source told me the skiing doesn't get good until late afternoon...hard freeze, afternoon sun, and no new snow) so we slept in.  We had breakfast at The Bake Shop and then made our way up the hill.  We skied for a few hours and then headed home to retrieve Kiva from her overnight stay at doggie daycare.  She was tired.  Unfortunately for her, she also had to attend her first Advanced Beginner obedience class before she could rest.  She did ok, but I think she will be stuck in that class for a while.  The instructor said that in order for dogs to move on to other classes from this one (like Agility), they had to be proficient in all areas...this includes a five minute down-stay (John and I both laughed at the thought of that) and a three minute sit-stay.  We may never make it past this class. The most productive thing I did these past three days was to finalize plans for Hawaii in April with Valerie.  We found a place to stay for an extremely reasonable price.  That was the (essential) piece of planning.  Now we just have to make it through the next 4 weeks. And because I have no pictures from this "weekend," here's another picture of Kiva... **Update: It turns out, that as I was writing this post, it was snowing.  Guess we should have waited to go skiing.  Oh well!