slo half to mayor's full (aka yes I am going to a run marathon)

I've been toying with the idea of running a full marathon for a while now.  Really, I've been avoiding it.  It's one of those things I want to do just to say I did it.  But I'm also terrified of the idea.  

26.2 miles is a long way to run, and my race options in Anchorage and surrounding areas are slightly limited (there are two full marathons in Anchorage each summer), so the timing has to be right.  Originally, I was considering the Humpy's Marathon in late August (or Big Wild Life or whatever the heck it's called now), but I'm not a huge fan of the course (it's two out and backs…which I HATE).  If I'm going to run a full, I would much prefer the Mayor's Marathon…but it's so soon (14 weeks away).  While I was pondering my options, I realized that I'm running a half the first weekend in April and the Mayor's Marathon is 11 weeks after that.  After looking at several training plans, I came to the conclusion that 11 weeks from a half to a full is pretty reasonable.  I know most marathon training plans are 18 weeks total, but 14 weeks seems acceptable when you are already in half marathon shape.  

I have a rough training plan, but it still needs some work.  I think in it's final form it will be titled "Run As Many Miles As You Can In Four Days A Week Without Getting Injured."  We will see how that goes since you all know how good I am at sticking to my plans.  

Speaking of not sticking to plans, I had big plans for running this week, but I was not as successful as I had hoped.  All winter long I battled snow and cold, now the problem is ice and slop.  I actually did not go running one day because I did not want to deal with cleaning off the sloppy half frozen mess that is the underside of my dog when we get back from a springtime run.  Seriously, am I never happy? 

Friday I ran 5 miles.  It was supposed to be a tempo/pace run, but I had to stop for dog shenanigans so many times it was not a success...also it was my first serious run since my half so I was not really ready for tempoing (no I'm not actually dumb enough to plan a tempo run for my first run after a race, it was supposed to be my third run of the week but since the first and second didn't happen, the third became the first).  

Saturday I ran up Arctic Valley Road.  Not the whole way.  The SLO Half is a pretty hilly course, so I figured I should get out and run up some hills.  Rather than torturing myself by running up the whole road, I picked a spot slightly less than two miles up the road and ran there and down, twice.  Kind of like an extended hill repeat.  Except the second time I didn't quite make it as far as I planned.  But whatever, I ran 6 miles, 3 of which were uphill.

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 9.42.59 PM

It definitely helped that it was an amazing day.  I didn't even have to wear a hat!

Photo Mar 16, 17 56 02
Photo Mar 16, 17 54 09
Goal for next week...more running.