sleeping, running, and icing

Yesterday I accomplished very little other than a massive (3 hour) nap.  I'm kind of stuck in a strange place with sleep right now.  When I went on my trip I switched myself to a normal person's schedule of sleeping at night and being awake during the day.  This is all fine and dandy because I will be starting to work the day shift on May 20.  The problem is the 6 night shifts I have to work between now and then.  After my last trip, I had a really hard time getting myself back on a night schedule (after having an exceedingly hard time getting myself on a day schedule).  Stupid getting older.  Anyway, my plan last night was to stay up late and sleep in today.  I accomplished half of that.  I stayed up until 10:00, got up at 6:30, went back to sleep at 7, and slept until 10.  Hmm...apparently I am lacking in the sleep department entirely.  

My day yesterday was terrilbly exciting.  I went to Target and got my new best friend, the foam roller.

Photo May 09, 10 51 49

I may have gotten more of a workout trying to hold myself up with my arms and contort myself into all of the positions required to roll out all my tight muslces than I did from actually running.  My shoulders are sore today!

I got some groceries at Fred Meyer.  Took a nap.  Got up and made dinner.  Went running.  Then iced and read before bed.

Photo May 08, 21 39 42
(yes I am re-reading Harry Potter, they finally released them as e-books and I decided to read all of them straight through since when I originally read them it was as they came out)

Today's agenda is equally as thrilling.  I will probably go back to Fred Meyer and get some plants, and go to Costco to get a vacuum.  I'm sure there is a nap and a run in my future today as well! 

Random side note - I just added up all of my sleep since Monday night...I have slept 22 of the last 48 hours!  Yikes!