sleep is for wimps

My body is so confused!  Yesterday after being awake for a ridiculously long time, I went to sleep...and slept for 3 hours.  I was wide awake at 1am, so I took some drugs to go back to sleep and it still took over an hour for me to fall back asleep.  So today I am quite tired.  Like so tired I randomly keep falling asleep while doing things on my computer (granted I am lying on the couch, which porbably doesn't help).

I went for a long run with my aunt this morning.  After a week of gorgeous sunny weather, it was quite chilly and cloudy this morning.  Luckily, our run was uneventful (as in, we didn't see any wildlife while we were out), but left me feeling completely exhaused.  

run stats May 19, 12012
Unfortunately, I was unable to partake in an afternoon of napping (as I normally would on a weekend after a long run) because I am trying to make myself flip to a day schedule.  I have to be able to sleep tonight so I can go to work tomorrow morning!  I did sneak in a 30 minute nap (I set my alarm), after I practically fell asleep typing...for the third time.  

On a completely unrelated note, I've been meaning to share this picture I took in the Costco parking lot a couple of weeks ago.  They had such a gigantic snow pile that they decided to spread it out to make it melt faster.  There's still a fairly substantial pile left (I was just there today), but it doesn't take up nearly as many parking spots as it did before they forced it to melt.

Photo May 09, 13 52 47