skiing & winning

So today has been a good day, despite the fact that I only slept two hours (and now that it's midnight-thirty, I guess it would have been yesterday that was the good day). 

John and I went skiing at Alyeska today.  It was my first day on skis this season.  I definitely need to get a few more days in before our trip to Utah (did I mention I'm going skiing in Utah? John is going on a recruiting trip for work and I'm going to meet him down there when he's done for some skiing!).  The skiing was ok, but we definitely could use some more snow.  At least it was a beautiful day!  Here's a couple of shots I got with my phone (I know...I have a snazzy new camera and here I am taking pictures with my phone):

On to the winning part.  Today was John's work holiday party.  Every year they give away two tickets on Alaska Airlines and a hotel stay in Florida.  This year they gave them away as a package...and this year we won!  I pretty much don't care about the 6 free nights in two different hotels (four nights in one, two in another) in Ft. Lauderdale...because I would much rather use my (well...our) free tickets to go to Hawaii.  Also, we were just in Florida after our cruise and I feel no need to go back, unless I'm getting on or off another cruise. Thank you Princess (and thank you Alaska Airlines for flying to awesome places)!