singles awareness day


Singles awareness


I have never liked Valentine's Day.  Never.  I won't bore you with details and self-reflection, but I will say that I always felt like being single got rubbed in my face (mostly in high school) on V-Day.  No one ever professed their love for me or secretly admired me either.  

I think it's a made up holiday for people who make greeting cards and chocolate and were worried that people didn't actually love each other enough to send cards and delicious treats to each other for no reason.  

Anyway, somewhere along the way I heard about Singles Awareness Day...and I embraced it.  You can read what Wikipedia has to say about it here, and what the Urban Dictionary has to say about it here.  

Even now that I am in a relationship, I still think Valentine's Day is stupid.  Thus, I will be working an extra shift and John will be at home doing dishes from the delicious dinner that I fed him before I left for work (just like every other night in our house).  

So, I ask all of you who are being extra lovey dovey with your special someone, to please remember that there are people out there without a special someone.  Some of them don't want a special someone and some of them do.  Either way, celebrate those who face the holiday (or life in general) without anyone "special" to send them chocolate, flowers, or take them out to dinner.