shrimp and avocado omelet

Last week we ended up going out to dinner on Tuesday after doggie obedience class (it was well after 9 and we were starving) instead of having omelets for dinner like we were supposed to.  Since I generally lose all motivation to cook on nights when I am home alone...this was the perfect dinner for me this evening.  

The only problem was that I had too many shrimps and not enough eggs!

eggs and shrimp

I also added some of the roasted red pepper and avocado sauce that I had leftover from our steak the other night.  Delicious!

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I realize that it's only 6:45, but I am now in bed watching The Darjeeling Limited (I fell asleep when John and I watched it a couple of weeks ago).  I figure when it's over, it will be a reasonable hour to go to sleep.