short long run

On Friday I went on what will be my last long-ish (short long) run before Lost Lake.  I have a highly specialized running category system...don't worry if you can't understand it. 

It was a pretty steady paced run, and I ran up all the hills (big secret - I'm kind of a wimp sometimes and walk up the hills, which is completely ridiculous considering I'm about to run 10 miles uphill for fun.  Don't bother trying to understand me, it's probably not worth it).  

Screen shot 2012-08-18 at 8.06.06 PM
After our short long run, Kiva and I had nap time.  I fell asleep and she snuck up onto the bed to nap with me.  Bad (but adorable) dog!!

Photo Aug 17, 14 06 57
Good thing she decided to use John's pillow and not mine (nevermind the fact that I was also using his pillow)...