thoughts on the serial podcast

Thursday mornings have been my favorite for the last few weeks since I caught up on episodes of Serial.  I download the new episode as soon as I get up and listen to it while I'm making/eating breakfast and on my way to work.  I'm sad that this week was the last episode for this season.  Thursday mornings just won't be the same anymore.

Spoiler alert!!  While I'm not really giving anything away, you might not want to read this if you are interested in drawing your own conclusions before being influenced by others who have heard the whole story. 

Serial podcast

I adore This American Life, so I was super excited to discover that they had another show out.  I can happily say that Serial exceeded all of my expectations and has provided some lively dinner table conversations.  I'm also pretty much convinced that I should go to law school and do a better job at keeping innocent people out of jail, or at the very least, convicting the right people (I'd lean toward the latter as my dad is a prosecutor and I would be terrible at defending people who I thought were actually guilty).

I'm not going get into the nitty gritty details...if you want those, go listen to the show.  However, I am going to add my theory to the hundreds (thousands?) of other theories floating around out there.  

I think Jay did it.  I've thought that since episode 8, and at the end of the whole thing I'm more convinced of that than ever.  

Jay had a motive - Hae knew that he was cheating on Stephanie and was afraid that she would rat him out. Jay is the only one who knew where Hae's car was.  And that is the only solid bit of evidence that anyone has for or against anyone else.  Everything else is he said-she said or unsubstantiated.  

I think Jay went to talk to her about not telling Stephanie that he was cheating on him and things got out of control.  I don't think he went into with intending to kill her, but the most likely situation that I can think of is that he got really angry because she was refusing to keep quite and strangled her.  

I don't think that any of the questionable things presented about Adnan proves that he did it.  And while I don't know that he is as innocent as he says he is, I am 100% sure that the jury did have reasonable doubt and should not have convicted him.  

John thinks that Jay was involved but didn't do it.  But my question to him was, if Jay didn't and Adnan didn't, then who? Jay had the motive and the means and is obviously lying about almost everything he did that day as his story keeps changing.  

I hope that the Innocence Project folks find some real closure...or at least get Adnan out of jail.  

What's your theory?