sad puppy and skiing

This is how Kiva feels about John being gone (pardon the poor photo's a cell phone picture). She searched the whole house (several times) and waited patiently by the garage door...but he never showed up...and then she was sad. I thought I would enjoy the couple of days I had at home without her,I boarded her a couple of days early because I had to work the last two nights and I didn't think she wanted to spend two days in her kennel, but it's actually too quiet and lonely without the furry beast causing a ruckus.  The only good part is I can finally vacuum up all the dust puppies (dog fur dust bunnies) without "help". I'm headed to Utah tonight.  I'm pretty excited about it (minus the whole flying part) because I have never been skiing anywhere other than Alyeska. We will most likely be skiing here (Snowbasin): And here (Alta): Hopefully I will have lots of pictures to share when I get back!