running update

Up until this weekend, a friend and I had been planning to run a marathon on August 17.  Then summer came and we played instead of going running.  The most notable lapse in training was skipping our 17 mile run this weekend in lieu of catching fish to fill the freezer for the winter (and only running 11 miles total last week instead of 30).

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.19.49 AM
After some discussion, we decided we would switch to the half and try and run a full at the end of September instead.  

This weekend we were supposed to run 18-20 miles, which seemed like a huge jump from the 12ish we ran two weeks ago...that's what you get for skipping a long run during marathon training.  I'm feeling pretty good about the idea of cutting back for a couple of weeks and then building up again.  

Photo Jul 19, 3 07 35 PM

Hopefully this plan sets us up to run a strong marathon and is not a recipe for more procrastination!!!