running is hard(er than it used to be)

I have been awake for 30 hours (minus a short nap I had when I got home from work this morning).  Surprisingly I feel pretty good, except I keep thinking of things to tell people and then forgetting before I get to tell them.  I pulled out my phone to text a friend and by the time I had it out of my pocket, I already had no recollection of what I had gotten it out to do.  A little scary, but nothing that 100 hours of sleep won't cure.  

I did manage to go running this afternoon.  I probably went much later than I should have since I'm going on a long run with my aunt in the morning.  My new running technique (i.e. proper form) makes me run faster, but it's hard because I'm using more muscles.  I was told that 20 minutes of running correctly beats hours of running I only ran for 24 minutes today.  

run stats may 18, 2012
Apparently I have hairy arms.  

It was very windy out this afternoon.  So windy that at one point I stopped and walked backwards so as to not eat any more dirt.  Ick.  

Now, I will sleep.