running is frustrating

Today was long run day.  I headed out in the sunshine with my aunt for an hour and a half.  My legs were screaming the whole time.  

I realize that this week was kind of a big week for them (longish run Sunday and Tuesday, track workout Wednesday, shorter longish run Thursday, and a long day of running around at work on Friday), but that doesn't make it less frustrating.  I managed to slog through 6.5 miles and still feel ok by the end.  I definitely had to walk up a few hills...but I'm ok with that. 

Screen shot 2012-06-09 at 5.44.03 PM
Screen shot 2012-06-09 at 5.45.02 PM(I did not stop my watch for water/gu breaks, or dog pee breaks - our average moving pace was 12:41)

The frustrating part is that now (6 hours later) I feel like I could go run for another hour and a half.  Seriously, body, get a grip!  I've had that problem before, while I'm running I feel like I am going to die, then several hours later I wonder why I didn't run harder/faster.  Perhaps I should work on that...