running, fireworks, and bad dogs...oh my!

On Saturday, Arctic Valley had a 75th Anniversary bash.  There was tubing under the lights, a torchlight parade, and fireworks (of course).  I headed up around 4 with a plan to go running when I got there and then enjoy the festivities.  

Kiva and I ran down the road for a couple of miles and then turned around and ran back up.  Usually I run uphill first, then down, so switiching it up was an interesting twist for the ol' legs.  Running down was fun.  The road was mostly ice with some loose snow on top.  That made it super fun (and a bit challenging) heading down.  I was wearing my grippers, but they slide a little before gripping, which was a bit scary at first, but fun once I got used to it!  The way back up was not so much fun.  The other side of the road had more snow on it so I had to do a lot more work in order to not slide backwards.  

After a quick wardrobe change and a delicious salmon burger, I enjoyed the torchlight parade and practiced my night photography skills (sans tripod...which is why things are a bit fuzzy).  


Then I headed over to the tube park with John to see how things were going.  Apparently night time tubing is wildly popular with kids and adults alike.  It was awesome to see everyone having such a good time (and no one seemed annoyed to have to wait in line)!


After tubing was over for the night, it was time for fireworks.  At that point I was on my way home (I wanted to beat the mad dash down the road after the party was over), so I was able to catch a few shots from the parking lot on my way to the car.  



On Sunday, Kiva decided that she was tired of being cooped up in the backyard and hopped the fence.  Honestly, I'm surprised that it took her this long to figure that out.  Because of all the snow, the fence in the backyard is probably about 3 feet tall and definitely no match for a bouncy dog.  John had to go retrieve her (I was at the grocery store), and then dig a trench around the yard so she can't continue to escape.  Then, she decided that she did not want me to cut her toenails and her flailing around caused me to trim too much off of one and she bled a whole bunch.  Thank goodness I'm a trained professional and know how to stop bleeding!  John had to clean up the carpet and the floor where she left bloody spots.  Being that she is a smart dog, I tried to explain to her that she needed to stay still and this was mostly her fault. But...I doubt that she learned anything from this experience other than she gets treats to distract her from things like blood pouring out of her foot...

Next up...three days of working and then vacation!!