running and eating

It seems like I've been doing a lot of both of those things lately.  I officially started my marathon taper last Tuesday (after my last long run Monday), but all the running I have been doing has left me starving all the time.  


I have always noticed that I am extra hungry the day after a long run, but this has brought my hunger to a new level.  All last week I was starving (except one day) and I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast and snacks when I'm at work, so I know it was not related to not eating enough.  I ended up eating two lunches and an extra snack at work on Wednesday, all in a three hour period.  This isn't minor, oh I need a snack hunger.  This is, oh I need a snack…oh my god I'm starving to death and will die if I don't eat right now hunger.  It starts out with a warning and then hits me like a train.  And while I love food, this routine of constantly needing more food is getting a little old.  

egg sandwich

It has also been ridiculously hot (by Alaskan standards) the last few weeks, which is starting to wear on me as well.  It also makes running slightly more difficult.  I ended up starting my last long run an hour earlier than I had originally planned and still had to cut it 15 minutes short because both Kiva and I were overheating.  People are mad at me for cursing the heat, but I am not a warm weather person.  I have to listen to all of them complain when it's cold and dark outside…so I'm going to complain when it's too hot!

Photo Jun 06 8 53 23

Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine and constant daylight, I just wish it could be in the mid 60s instead of 70+ degrees!

potato veggie hash

I have even lowered my already low expectations for the marathon next week.  If it's hot, there will be a lot more walking than I originally planned.  I'm trying to be ok with that considering my only real goal is to finish, but it's hard for me not to be competitive with myself.  

This morning I managed to head out the door an hour earlier than I had planned because today's high temp is supposed to be in the 80s.  Even at 8:30am the sun was hot, but thankfully there was a breeze (think windy thoughts for next Saturday…if it's hot a breeze will help!), but we still almost died after 45 minutes at a relaxed pace.  Black dog + alaska girl = heat stroke when it's above 65 degrees!

june 16 run

(Photos are all from this past week's running and eating)