road rage

It's no secret that I suffer from mild road rage.  My dad is an aggressive driver and I mostly learned how to drive from him.  I also spent many years "commuting" to and from school with him and thus picked up many of his driving habits.  

I'm not a slow driver and I don't think you should be either.  If the pavement is dry (or even wet, but not icy), there is pretty much no reason why you shouldn't drive the speed limit.  People who drive ridiculously slow (like 30) when the speed limit is 45 or 50 (as it is for most of my drive to work), make me want to scream.  Help keep traffic flowing and drive the speed limit (unless road conditions make it unsafe)!

I dislike it when people fail to use their turn signals.  Sometimes John doesn't use his when he is in a turn only lane because he figures people know he's turning.  I have repeatedly pointed out that it doesn't matter.  Your turn signal is to signal your intent.  If you intend to turn, you should use it.  Oh yeah, and it's the law.  

The other thing that really irks me when driving is when there are two right turn lanes and people in the outer lane pull up really far so the person in the inner lane can't see around them.  Did you know that it's actually illegal to make a right turn on a red light from the outer lane?  Therefore there is no reason to pull up so the (legal) person in the inner lane making a free right turn on a red light can't see.  

Kiva feels the same way...she even helped me write this post...

Photo Jun 20, 15 28 29
And then she fell asleep...

Photo Jun 20, 15 31 58
My guess is she got tired of waiting for me to give her cheese (we've been using cheese for treats at obedience...which actually gives the false impression that she knows how to follow directions...she will do pretty much anything for a piece of cheese).