A random collection of things I found on the internet, some of them may be useful, and some of them are definitely not.This guy has some amazing dancing skills http://youtu.be/LXO-jKksQkM video by WHZGUD2 via Blame it on the Voices Awhile back, I posted about how John and I disagree on the use of the Oxford comma.  My dad sent me this the other day:

Aeferg via Blame It On the Voices

I recently discovered that music Podcasts are excellent for running to.  I like making my own playlists, but I tend to start skipping over songs as I listen to them too much.  I found a couple of DJs who have Podcasts of club-type music, which is excellent for running to.  My favorite's are DJ RyB and DJ Scene.  I have a hard time making decisions, so I wanted something that had a relatively large variety of music, which both of these do. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, I discovered a TV show to replace the loss I have suffered by finishing watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars (for the second third fourth time).  Friday Night Lights seems to be doing an alright job of filling that void.  The best part?  There's more than three seasons of it. I love coffee...and this ring

photo: SmilingSilverSmith via Etsy