rainy tuesday

Today started off not so great.  John got a phone call on his personal phone at 6:30am.  As my dad says, nothing good can come of a phone call in the middle of the night (not that 6:30am is the middle of the night - also my dad doesn't answer the phone in the middle of the night for that reason, so I hope nothing bad ever happens to me during non-business hours because he won't know about it nor be able to tell important people what to do, since he won't answer the phone).

Turns out it was his aunt calling him to tell him that his dad had been in a car accident after passing out while driving and is now in the hospital and will be having surgery this week or early next week because they found "spots" on his brain.  I love John dearly, but he is a terrible information gatherer, because my first question was "what kind of spots?" and he couldn't tell me because he didn't ask.  Anyway, his dad is ok (John called and talked to him) and hopefully we will know more after surgery.  

I went on a run with my aunt this morning.  Despite the fact that I was kind of exhausted from my track workout yesterday, I felt pretty good.  It rained on us pretty hard towards the end, but I've decided that 50 and raining are ideal running conditions for me.  

Photo Jun 12, 13 47 48
Screen shot 2012-06-12 at 2.03.06 PMKiva, who loves the water, always gets super spunky when she is wet.  We tried to dry her off as much as we could, but we were unable to keep the crazy at bay. 

Photo Jun 12, 10 15 28
Can you see it in her eyes?  After this was taken and the towel was removed, she ripped around the house and launched herself off of various pieces of furniture.  At one point, I'm pretty sure she had a head on collision with the wall.  She ended up spending an hour or two in her kennel drying off and enjoying her breakfast while we went to Costco, and is now calmly sitting next to John destroying a squeaky toy.  

After Costco, it was lunch time for the humans.  John had a tuna sandwich.  I had leftover pork roast and a large serving of roasted brussels sprouts.  Yum!  

Photo Jun 12, 13 44 52
We also shared some watermelon, a fruit I always avoid buying because it only comes in huge quantities and is difficult to get down to edible portions.  Luckily Costco had mini watermelons...much easier to manage.

Photo Jun 12, 13 44 09
On a completely unrelated note, I got attacked by mosquitos (again!) while running at Bartlett yesterday.  John gets mad at me for scratching my bites...but I'm mildly allergic to them and they get all hot and swollen and super itchy for a day or two after I get them.  

Photo Jun 12, 13 46 02
I say I'm allowed to scratch all I want when they look like that!  After a day or so they look like normal mosquito bites and are hardly itchy at all.  I need to remember to put on bug spray before I go out from no on!

It's now time for me to spend some quality time with the ice pack...and then a nap, because what's better than a nap on a rainy Tuesday afternoon?