raining on sunday

Today was long run/hill tempo day.  It was alright.  Running faster up some of the hills apparently meant I ran slower most of the rest of the time so overall I ran exactly the same pace as I usually do for a long run.  I guess I'll work on that.  

Screen shot 2012-07-15 at 12.10.06 PM
Screen shot 2012-07-15 at 8.16.21 PM
Ok, I lied we were 1 second faster than our last long run and 12 seconds faster than the one before that...I count that as progress!

I'm also particularly pleased with the fact that the first mile and the last .84 miles are the same pace.  I'm really good at running fast in the beginning and then getting tired, slowing down, and never speeding up again.  More progress.  

After a soggy, muddy run, a shower, and coffee, I settled in for some afternoon knitting.  

striped cowl instagram

The brown yarn is something I've had for a very long time.  I'm pretty sure it's 100% cashmere and it cost a lot of money.  It was the collar on a sweater that I made and have never worn (it's too hot).  The only problem is I didn't quite have enough for this project, so I ended up taking the collar off the sweater to get more yarn (which is counter productive in more than one way).  I am super excited about this cowl and can't wait until I can wear it (probably sooner rather than later given the fact that we are experiencing the coldest July on record)!