puppy sitting

This weekend, we are puppy sitting for John's brother.  He's off on a cruise and his primary and secondary puppy sitters are on vacation, so we became the backups backup. Don't ask how that happened...I blame it on man brain.

Anyway, Kiva has been taking her puppy sitting responsibilities very seriously.  I'm pretty sure that she's actually sat on  the puppy a couple of times (weirdo). Maggie has been pretty good about holding her own with Kiva.  Although Kiva has only child syndrome and doesn't like to share, so she's been stealing and hoarding all the bones. I kind of forgot how much work a puppy is - even a good one.  Having a little one around has made me thankful for how much Kiva has grown up.  She's still a naughty dog sometimes, but she's so much better than she used to be.