post-run snacking

I just got back from a lovely 5 mile run with Brittany and Jack.  Jack had a nap while the boring grownups chatted away about boring grownup things.  I need to figure out how to nap while running...

On a side note, when did it become ok for me to refer to myself as a grownup?  Weird.  It's hard to feel grown up when most of your best friends are from high school.  Even though most of them have kids, it still doesn't feel like we are grown ups.  Also, the other day John pointed out that it has been eight (8!) years since we graduated from college.  WTF?  Where does time go?!

Ok, back to the snack.  I required sustenance between getting home from my run and the time that dinner would be ready.  I wanted something quick and filling, so I threw a banana in the fridge while I went to shower (I am not a huge fan of bananas, but when I do eat them, I prefer them cold).  Then when I was done showering, I sliced the chilly banana, and topped it with a large dollop of almond butter and some shredded coconut.  

Photo May 16, 18 07 39
Not the most photogenic food, but it sure was tasty!  It's definitely doing its job of tiding me over until John gets home from work (these days, it's not usually before 7pm) and we can have dinner.