plans for a nerdtastic birthday weekend

On Tuesday, I celebrated my 30th the first anniversary of my 29th birthday by going to work. I am not looking for sympathy, because I chose to work on my birthday…I mean, it was on a Tuesday and everyone else I know had to work so I could at least have people to celebrate with if I was at work.

I have awesome co-workers who found time on a busy day to get me cupcakes and celebrate with me! I also have amazing friends…one of whom brought me my favorite kind of coffee…and some chocolates! I'm so lucky!!

Photo Dec 11, 11 02 31

In addition to having wonderful co-workers and friends…I have a pretty kick ass boyfriend too. He got me the best birthday present ever (a smart thermostat)…AND invited my parents over for dinner (a complete surprise).

Unfortunately, his good deed of getting me the best birthday present ever did not go unpunished as the app for said present downloaded to my phone while I was at work and I noticed it and figured out what was going on.

Photo Dec 11, 21 25 37

My suspicions that I was turning into an adult were confirmed by the fact that I was really excited about getting a thermostat for a birthday present. Yup. That happened.

Today, my dad, John, and I are going to see The Hobbit.

Photo Dec 13, 18 41 13

Then on Saturday we are going to see a film of the New York Metropolitan Opera doing Aida.That should add up to almost 7 hours of movie watching time in two days.

I am a little afraid of what spending a whole weekend hanging out with my dad at the movies might mean for the future of my social life. Although, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most social person around and have accepted my future of becoming dog version of the crazy cat lady (you know, the crazy anti-social lady who has 1,000 cats and talks to them like they are people)...

At least I only have one dog for now...who does act like a human sometimes, so I don't think I am completely crazy for talking to her like a person.  Here are her thoughts on me turning 30...

Photo Dec 13, 13 45 10