One of my friends posted something about the Pirate Pub Crawl on Facebook, which reminded me of a funny story.

One night, a couple of years ago, Brittany and I decided that we wanted to go eat dinner at McGinley's (they have a delicious Reuben sandwich).  When we got there, we noticed an excessive number of people inside dressed up (at the time, we did not notice that they were all pirates).  Since it was super crowded, we decided to go somewhere else.  We decided on the Snow Goose. Since the food is mediocre and the service is terrible, we figured that no one would be there.  Wrong.  It was also packed (although no one was dressed up).  

At that point, we headed towards Crush since I figured my dad would be there, and hopefully be willing to share his table with us. On our walk (about 6 blocks) we noticed that there were people dressed up like pirates everywhere.  We were confused.  Did Halloween come early?  Was there some sort of pirate infestation?  How do you get rid of pirates?  I know how to get rid of zombies and vampires, but pirates?! I seem to recall that we even witnessed a funny exchange between several pirates that left us laughing for blocks (I wish I could remember exactly what it was).  

I don't think we figured out what was going on until the next year when we saw the Pirate Pub Crawl advertised.  I'm pretty sure it was one of those movie moments where we both knew exactly what the other was thinking and didn't have to say a word because everything suddenly made perfect sense.

(B - this year the pub crawl is on September 21st...I hope you'll be home by then so we can go downtown and fight the pirates for parking and seats in a mediocre bar, and probably be home in bed before the party actually gets started.)