odds and ends

After working five days in a row, I am currently enjoying the first of seven days off! I know five days doesn't seem like much to all you regular people out there, but when you 1) work 12 hour shifts and 2) usually only work three of them in a row, five days in a row is rather painful.  The worst part was that the last two days were busy and exhausting.  I can't remember the last time my feet hurt as badly as they did at the end of the day yesterday!

While today is a gross rainy day, it has been absolutely beautiful the last couple of days.  The termination dust on the mountains is disappearing (although I suspect that may change after today), but it still looks pretty.  This is definitely my favorite time of year (when it isn't raining).  I love when the air is cold but the sun is warm!

Photo Sep 10, 19 50 43
I posted earlier this week that I had done a lot of prep regarding my meals for my five day stretch of working. I am so glad I did that!  It was great to get up every morning and know exactly what I was going to put in my lunch (and sometimes have it already packed) and what I was going to eat for breakfast.  My favorite meal was definitely the sweet potato hash I cooked up on my prep day.  I ended up poaching an egg and putting it on top. So tasty!

Photo Sep 12, 10 22 52
This morning, I really didn't want to eat eggs, so I made up a delicious non-cereal breakfast.  In the mix was a cut up nectarine, chia seeds, chopped almonds, coconut flakes, dried cranberries, flax seed, and almond coconut milk.  

Photo Sep 12, 9 52 47
It was quite tasty.  It would have been better if it had a banana in it, but the bananas that John got from Costco last week are still green...I think they are defective because I have never seen bananas stay green for that long before (not that I am an expert on banana ripening).  

Since the weather is not great, I'm going to try and get the upper hand on my to do list today.  It has been growing steadily for several weeks...I'm hoping to accomplish at least one or two things...after I take a nap of course!