nothing to see here...

Hi friends!  I wish that I could say that I had a good reason for the amount of internet silence that's happened lately, but I don't.  I've pretty much just been living in my own little world that involves eating, sleeping, running, and working.  It's funny how so much time can pass so quickly when you aren't paying attention.

Photo Jun 01, 2 19 54 PM (Yep, it snowed in June...ok well, May 31)

That's a huge contrast to the smoky conditions we experienced just days prior.  

Photo May 25, 12 47 41 PM

I guess there's also been some school work happening in between all the other things.  Every time I mention homework, this happens...

Photo Jun 02, 2 10 16 PM

I'm going to have to try my dog wouldn't let me study, instead of my dog ate my homework.  

That's about all from around here.  Hopefully I'll get out and do something fun and exciting soon!