nothing exciting here

Things have been pretty uneventful around here the last couple of days.  

John went to Arctic Valley on Tuesday and I had a track workout.  Tempo run @ 9:00/mi pace.  Since I hardly ever run on the track it was kind of hard to find my pace.  I started out too fast, then got tired and got a cramp and slowed down.  My overall pace was 9:05, which I think is pretty good.  Goal lap time was 2:15, my lap splits were 2:12, 2:12, 2:16, 2:15, 2:18, 2:20, 2:18, 2:18.  

Tuesday night we went to obedience and Kiva did really well at the things that I figured she would fail miserably at!  We did a recall exercise where you put your dog in a sit stay, walk away from them and put a treat on a target, walk back to them, release them to get the treat, then call them to come.  We did it at increasing distances across the room and she nailed them all!  She even got so excited to come back at one point that she left a piece of cheese on the target!  

Wednesday I sat around for a long time wallowing about how sore my legs were.  Then I managed to drag myself out for a short run in the afternoon.  Kiva was happy to get out too...I don't think she'd had any real exercise since our long run on Saturday.  Oops!  When we came home John to her to his mom's house to play with his brother's dog Maggie.  By the time I headed over there for dinner an hour later, they were already worn out!  

We had a tasty barbecued dinner of burgers, corn, and potato salad.  Then we were forced to work for our dessert by going through a whole bunch of stuff that their mom is trying to get rid of because she's moving into a smaller house.  Then we ate the most delicious rhubarb and strawberry pie with vanilla ice cream!  I have a piece sitting in the fridge waiting for me...I almost ate it for breakfast this morning.  

Kiva had a hard time waking up this morning after all the excitement of playing with her cousin, and then not being able to settle down because our neighbors were shooting off fireworks. I got up and ate breakfast and had coffee...she went back to bed...on our bed...where she is not allowed...

Photo Jul 05, 11 44 27
I managed to roust her and elicit some enthusiasm by suggesting that we go for a run.  

Today was supposed to be a long run day with my aunt, but my legs still resemble lead weights after my workout on Tuesday.  So, we went for a "see how it feels and go from there" run.  Turns out I probably would have been fine because by the time we got back, I felt like I could have easily run for another hour.  (Note to self - granola, yogurt, and fruit and a hardboiled egg an hour before a longer run is the perfect amount of food and the perfect timing, no cramps and I wasn't hungry after 20 minutes like I usually am.) 

Screen shot 2012-07-05 at 11.13.31 AM
And I finally have a tired dog!  She hasn't really moved in over an hour (which is kind of impressive for her).

Photo Jul 05, 11 57 25
Tonight we are going to see the Silversun Pickups at the Moose's Tooth!  I better hurry up and take a nap so I can stay up past my bedtime...and then go to work tomorrow.