new wheels

Yikes!  I bought a new car yesterday.  Like, new new, as in it had less than 10 miles on it when I got in to test drive it.  Buying a brand new car goes against almost everything that I stand for.  Mostly because it's worth what you paid for it for like 10 minutes after you drive it off the lot.Several fairly unique factors played into this momentous occasion.  First of all, I live in Alaska, where Subaru's are in high demand (I was also looking at the Honda CR-V, which apparently is also in high demand) and it's virtually impossible to find a newly used one.  I even expanded my search to the lower 48, where I found several, but they all had 10,000+ miles on them (for a 2010 model year) and the savings compared to a new car were minimal ($5,000 at the absolute most).  Part of those savings would have been negated by the cost of having to get it shipped to AK (at least $1,200).  Saving $3,000 or less on a car with 10,000+ miles on it just didn't quite seem right.  The most fortunate part of this equation was the fact that John's mom used to work for Subaru and still knows a guy there...and let me tell you, he got me an AMAZING deal (like I got a new car at a newly used car price...yeah, I know how lucky I am). Spending that kind of money was pretty much one of the most terrifying things I've ever done. But totally worth it.  Here's a picture of my new car (this isn't MY car, but it was pretty much dark by the time I was able to take pictures, so the internet is providing me with better representation until I have the opportunity to take my own pictures): The color is "marine blue," and the interior is black.  I actually liked the dark gray exterior better, but the inside of that one was light gray...and I have a black dog...who is very hairy. Here's the inside (except mine is a manual, not an automatic): It has the most gigantic sun roof I have ever seen.  Seriously, the thing is huge.  As John said, "that's like, stick your head out and party while you're driving huge."  He's not lying.  It practically makes the car a convertible.  It has heated seats (a dream come true, I've always wanted heated seats...I hate it when my butt is cold).  It's bluetooth capable, so I can pretend I'm on Star Trek and use voice commands to tell my car to make phone calls.  And, the back seats cool is that?