new in the shop

I've listed a few new things in my shop over the past week that I wanted to share!  

Last week I shared my winter inspired, limited edition "let it snow" print.  

I also have a square "seek adventure" print, available in multiple sizes.  


And the first in what I hope to be a series of "nature is calling" prints.  


All of these are my own photos and hand lettered text.  

Also, on a side note, I know I mentioned awhile back that I wasn't planning on selling on Etsy anymore related to the fees that they charge for listings and sales.  I decided that for the time being (i.e. while I'm in school and kind of busy) that it's worth the small amount of extra in order to have things easily accessible and organized.  The other options are much more labor intensive and right now I would rather spend my extra time creating, not trying to code things to look right.  

Thanks for looking!