new cards!

Check out the new cards I just listed! I've had these done for a while, but I've been busy trying to catch up on sleep and buying a new car (lame excuse I know).  I know you can't really catch up on sleep, but boy do I sure try. Since I work nights, sometimes I have a hard time sleeping at night on my days off.  I usually go to bed when John goes to bed, around 10 or so, and then I'll sleep until 1 or 2, and then I either read in bed (which is super easy with my kindle and my kindle reading light!) or get up and putter around the house.  I end up back in bed (or attempting to sleep again) around 5 or 6.  Then I sleep until noon.  It kind of sucks. Ok, enough complaining. Here are some pictures of my packaging.  I was inspired by Jess over at Vol. 25.  She does an amazing job with her packaging...and I'm a little jealous.  Every so often she posts pictures of her current packaging.  I love it!  Mine doesn't even come close to hers, but I've gotta start somewhere!