new artwork!

I'm long overdue for a post (or anything really) related to my little shop.  Poor Kiva & Co. has been terribly neglected due to all my traveling and then working and then sleeping.I just finished this art print (which, as always, I will probably make available as cards as well). Actually, I'm not so sure that I'm really finished.  But I guess that's part of making art...sometimes it's never finished.  The photo in the background is looking across Passage Canal from near Shotgun Cove in Whittier. I'm working on more non-cheesy Alaskan themed things.  One of my aunts has a store in Girdwood for the summer (if you're from AK, she's keeping World Cup Sports open for the summer but with non-skiing things) and I'm going to try and sell some stuff there. I've got a ton of I just have to find the time to make them happen!!