MyFitnessPal Tracking Hack

MFP tracking hack

This is a LIFE CHANGING hack for anyone who uses an app to track their food. If you don't use MyFitnessPal, this might be enough to make you switch. Seriously. I don't use it very often because I'm lazy and I don't think it is very friendly for whole food based diets. It has a lot of packaged foods, but finding single ingredients is harder and time consuming because you can't just scan the barcode like you can with a package. However, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Log into your account and go to Food >>> Recipes

You'll see a box called the "Recipe Importer," you can paste the URL of a recipe from anywhere online here, or manually enter ingredients (I'm using my own website as an example).

Click "Import Recipe." Next you will see a list of ingredients as well as the option to adjust the servings. Make sure you have the right number of servings in that box and select "Match Ingredients"

The next step will show you what percentage of ingredients it matched as well as a list of the ingredients with their nutritional information. It is very important that you double check and make sure that they are correct (sometimes it does silly things and doesn't quite match ingredients correctly).

I changed the "Mixed Frozen Veggies" to 2 cups of kale because I figured that would be closest to what I actually used without having to add the ingredients individually. Once you are sure that all your ingredients are correct click "Save" at the top. Then you'll be taken back to your recipe list and when you select your newly entered recipe you'll see all the nutrition information!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.10.10 PM.png

Genius! This makes me 95% more likely to track my food because most of what I eat is from a recipe that came from somewhere on the internet (#21stcenturyproblems).