my soggy dog

Yesterday Kiva had the opportunity to go play with her cousin Maggie (as in John's brother's dog) in their mom's backyard one last time (she sold her house).  Unfortunately for the humans in their lives, it was raining quite hard and so they got a little wet.  

It's a good thing Kiva is a crafty dog (well, sometimes it's a good thing...other times it just causes problems), because she was able to figure out how to solve the problem of being thirsty and there being no water bowl.  

First she licked all the standing water off the deck furniture...

Photo Jul 13, 16 19 57
But then she discovered that it was more effective to drink from the downspout from the gutters.  Smart dog.

It was hard to convince her that it was time to go home, even though she was soggy and obviously tired...

Photo Jul 13, 16 23 54
Luckily I had treats in the car, so we practiced what we learned in's amazing what enthusiasm she can muster when she thinks there is the possibility of cheese! (too bad I disappointed her with stale peanut butter treats instead...)

Photo Jul 12, 20 25 56
I'm obsessed with how cute her hair is when it's wet and spikey, but not obsessed with how wild and crazy she is when she is wet.

Photo Jul 12, 20 26 59
She ended up spending the night in her kennel because she was unable to not run around like a maniac.  The even more unfortunate part is that she was still a little damp when she got up this morning (I can takes a long time for my hair to dry too).  

It's a good thing she got her wiggles out yesterday, because she isn't getting a run today.  In the interest of not sharing TMI, let's say I had a minor procedure done at my doctor's office today and am not feeling up to snuff, so I've spent the day in bed watching HGTV.  I don't feel too badly for her though because she got a walk, a run (we ran with my friend Amber who is finally getting back into running after having an emergency C-section 7 weeks ago!), and a romp with her cousin.  It's feast or famine around here sometimes.