my new favorite workout

Today I went for a long run.  I also managed to convince (or shame...the line between the two is very thin) John into riding his bike along with me.  It turns out that is an amazing way to get a long workout with someone who isn't so into running a lot.  I ran faster because he was riding (slowly) with me.  Kiva was super pumped to have all of her people out "migrating" (as Cesear Milan calls it).  

Kiva was less pumped about having to pose for photos after returning from our (very rainy) run...

Photo Jul 23, 13 34 48
Poor dog...I like to make her look ridiculous for the sake of taking photos...

Photo Jul 23, 17 43 28
What she won't tell you is that I rewarded her with a delicious treat for her troubles.

Here's how fast we ran today...

Screen shot 2012-07-23 at 2.57.09 PM
Mile 6 is where we had to stop for several stop lights, so it's a little slower and the .29 miles of mile 7 were all downhill!  I think my average moving pace (i.e. not wating for stop lights or picking up dog poo) was acutally 10:15, which for almost 6.5 miles, is pretty dang good for me! 

It was very rainy and dirty...can you tell where my socks started? 

Photo Jul 23, 17 44 17

I'm really glad John came with me, because I highly doubt I would have run that fast without him.  Hooray for a new favorite workout!!