my latest sewing obsession

For some reason lately I have been on a sewing kick.  A friend of mine had a baby last month and I wanted to send him a gift, but she has other kids and lots of family and friends who have kids, so I didn't really know what she needed.  I sent her an email and asked if there was something specific that would be helpful.  The verdict...burp cloths!  I have been wanting to make some of them because they are super simple and cute, but I really had no reason.  

I whipped up a few for her...and then a few for another friend...and then a few more...and then I had too many.  So I listed a couple in my Etsy shop.  I have more to list, but have been procrastinating lately.

burp cloths for Ash
burp cloth listing on etsy
There are so many cute fabrics out there, and this is an easy way to use them (and they don't require a lot of fabric).  I love sewing quilts and bigger projects, but sometimes you just needs something quick and easy to finish!