my job and reality tv (and a small rant)

I made the most amazing discovery this week.  It's a TV show called One Born Every Minute.  Yes it's on Lifetime, I know.  When I first heard about it I was sure that it was going to be lame.  Then someone at work told me it was pretty good.  Then I watched it.  It's totally realistic (which is saying a lot for realty TV these days)!  Granted it's heavily edited for the sake of a good story, but overall it is an extremely accurate representation of L&D Nursing.  John watched it with me and kept asking me if that was really how it was.  It is!  I was so happy to hear some of the nurses on the show say some of the exact same things I say!Some important points that I'm glad they touched on: -The (in some cases dreaded) epidural.  They quoted a patient as saying "You wouldn't go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled without being numb.  Why would you have a baby without an epidural?" Miracles of modern medicine people!  As one of my very favorite nurses (she taught me everything I know about being an L&D nurse) once said, "people need to just get an epidural.  This isn't the old days." -The birth plan.  I'm glad they had an all natural couple on the show because it really showed how we, as nurses in the hospital, are not out to sabotage your birth plan.  As the nurse taking care of the couple said, when you get a lengthy birth plan, it comes across as inflexibility...which almost always causes problems.  My goal is not to make you do things you don't want to do, my goal is to have both you and your baby come out of the labor process alive and healthy.  I'm not kidding.  It doesn't always happen that way.  Most of the time our goal is the least amount of intervention.  We don't push pain meds on people, unless we think that they will prevent the need for further intervention.  Would you rather have a little dose of narcotics, or a c-section.  Seriously...I'm still not kidding.  Pitocin is not my favorite thing in the world, it's usually better for everyone if your body can labor of it's own accord.  BUT would you rather have some pitocin...or a c-section?  So, when I suggest that you might want to think about...a particular intervention, it's not because I want to ruin your birth plan, it's because I have two goals #1 a (healthy, breathing) baby, and #2 to prevent the need for further intervention. I think I've finally found my ER replacement!