my favorite smoothie

I love smoothies.  They are easy to make, healthy (usually), easy to transport, delicious, and filling!  My current smoothie recipe is as follows: I used to use plain yogurt and orange juice, and then I discovered kefir (it's liquid yogurt, with more good stuff than regular yogurt), it makes my smoothies taste more like milkshakes.  Delicious!  I use a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal and a half a scoop of protein powder to give it a little extra staying power.  The giant bag of frozen fruit came from Costco.  I used to buy the frozen mixed berries, but then they got this's SO delicious!  John and I keep stocking up on it when we go to Costco because we are afraid that they will stop carrying it (like they seem to do with everything else there that I like). My smoothie making machine of choice is my Magic Bullet blender.  I love it because it has single serving cups that you can make smoothies in and you don't have to waste a glass AND wash the giant pitcher of a regular sized blender.