my favorite season

Fall is definitely my favorite season, which is all fine and good, except I live in a place where it lasts approximately one day.  Ok, it lasts longer than that, but not nearly as long as it does it the "real" world. The other day when I left work, it smelled like winter.  Brittany and I were discussing what exactly that meant, and we decided that it's when the smelliness of fall goes away (I don't know if it's a smelly season anywhere else, but here it smells like dead leaves and various other dead things).  It's kind of like knowing when it smells like snow, if you've smelled it, you know, but it's virtually impossible to describe. I miss going to school in Washington because then I got real fall.  School started late so I would leave here around the end of September when our fall was mostly over and get to Washington just in time to enjoy a real fall.  It was the best of both worlds.  We don't really have spectacular fall colors here.  Most leaves turn yellow. Sometimes they aren't even all the way yellow while they are falling off the trees because it has to hurry up and turn into winter.