my favorite kind of patient

Here in Anchorage, there is a surprisingly large Hmong population, fortunately for me, they are some of my very favorite patients to take care of.  Last week I had a patient who came in dilated to 5cm, and was still 5cm three hours after she was admitted.  Every time I asked her if she needed anything she shook her head (she was kind of shy).  Her sister, who was serving as her translator, told me that my patient had told her that she didn't think it was time for the baby to come yet.  Given that this was her 8th baby, I figured she knew better than I.  So I told her to let me know when she thought it was getting close to time.  I checked on her a little later and she said that her stomach hurt (contractions), but she still didn't think it was time for the baby to come.  Less than 15 minutes later she called out and said, "the baby is coming." 

By the time I got in the room with the charge nurse and the resident, half of the baby's head was out.  

By the time anyone got their gloves on, most of the baby was out.     

The doctor, who missed the delivery, said to the resident afterwards, "now, what did you learn about this patient population?"  Her response, "that they have babies quickly" and he added, "and they don't usually give you any information until the baby is on its way out."  So true.  So awesome.