musculoskeletal woes

Somehow I have managed to hurt my back.  I hurt it Saturday evening, then it was better Sunday, but got worse after I tripped up the stairs (good work, I know).  I was supposed to go to work yesterday but I didn't because pushing, pulling, and bending is what hurts...and I do a lot of that at work.  

So yesterday I did a lot of this instead...

Photo Jul 02, 14 22 56
Then John came home and there was a lot of this going on

Photo Jul 02, 15 26 03
Photo Jul 02, 16 30 31
Do you think she was happy to see him?  Every night when we went to bed she would pop up (like jump up and land on all four feet) any time there was a noise.  At first, I couldn't figure out what the heck her problem was, but then I realized that she thought it might be John coming home (when he is on evenings, he gets home around 11pm).  Silly dog.

We had taco pasta and roasted broccoli for dinner.  It was quite tasty.

Photo Jul 02, 17 55 20 (1)
Then we went to Costco in order to avoid the pre-holiday madness that will ensue there later today.  

Nothing too exciting planned for the next few days...just lots of running and resting!