" morning " coffee

I'm just finishing up my "morning" coffee before I make dinner and head to work. I'm feeling a little disorganized and discombobulated lately.  I had such a hard time planning our menu for this week, which is usually not a problem.  I have a bunch of ideas that I want to make into real things, but I want to do them all at once and I know that's not possible!  Our house is a mess, but I'd rather spend my time making my ideas into real things (and making bigger messes) than cleaning the house.  It's been freaking freezing outside so my 21 Challenge is not going so well (I don't have many options for exercising inside - and I prefer my exercise to be outside anyway).  The internet continues to waste my time.  I go to look something up, I find 1,000 other things that inspire me to come up with 100,000 ideas for other things to look up, things to make, and things to do.  So many things!!  I'm frustrated because of other people not following through (or not following through in the promised timeline, thus making it look like I was the one who didn't follow through). Tonight is my last night of work this week, then I have five days off!  I'm looking forward to accomplishing some things during those days!  I probably should start a list so I don't forget between now and tomorrow morning!