more on food

It's amazing that after eating relatively clean for a week, I didn't realize how good I felt until I didn't feel good anymore.  

The other night when I had spaghetti (and garlic bread) for dinner, which was delicious, I ended up with a massive headache and gas.  I got really tired very quickly and felt like there was no way I was even going to be able to brush my teeth before I fell into bed (don't worry…I did it anyway).  

Then I went out to lunch with my mom and had a caesar salad thinking that would be better than eating a burger.  I probably should have just eaten the burger (since that's what I wanted) because I ended up feeling almost as lousy as I did when I ate spaghetti.  I'm not sure if it was the 10 croutons I ate or the dressing, or both.  I ended up with a headache and a grumbly stomach.  

I don't know if I used to feel like that all the time when I ate certain foods and was just used to it so I didn't notice, or if mostly removing them from my diet for a couple of weeks has caused my body to rebel upon their return.  Perhaps a little bit of both?  

mostly healthy nachos

A couple of nights ago I made nachos for dinner because I had been craving them.  Corn chips, black beans, broccoli slaw (for veggies!), olives, green chilis, and cheese.  They were pretty tasty!

I guess I'll be paying closer attention to what I eat that makes me feel lousy...hopefully it's nothing that I can't live without!!