monday's lunch

I promise, this is not becoming a food-only blog.  Here's what I ate for lunch at work last night (well, I didn't really actually get to eat it given that we were insanely busy).

Photo Apr 02, 17 32 33
Hardboiled egg and cheese, leftover cod picatta and roasted veggies, mushroom soup, greek yogurt with dates and almonds, two clementines, and a cherry pie larabar.  

I ate the egg and cheese as a snack, had the larabar as a second snack when was apparent that I might not get lunch at all, ate the soup and half of the fish and veggies (mostly cold because I was tired of wasting time trying to get it to warm up) quickly while we were between disasters, and ended up eating the yogurt this afternoon after I got up.  It's amazing how good quality food doesn't leave me hungry every couple of hours!